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pokemon Last update: 15 Jan 2018

Hello! Welcome to my permanent want post. -^o^-
This will be updated whenever - check date!


My fiancé and I collects mew, lugia, costumed pikachu/ monthly pikature, rowlet, vulpix and the dratini evo. ^^

Mains: dratini, mew, lugia
Sides: costume pikachu/monthly pikachu, rowlet, dragonair, dragonite, vulpix.

1. Dratini Bell Plush

2. J. Franco and Sons Dragonite Bath Toy

3. Pokeball Dratini Keychain



1. Rowlet (lifesize)

2. Rowlet fluff (full size and mascot)
Pic credit to zombiemiki on twitter

3. Takara Tomy Rowlet w Backpack

4. Rowlet & Mew Shoulder plush

5. Whole set or just alolan vulpix, rowlet and gengar (:




The rest are from internet/ebay.

1. 2007 Pokemon Center Fuzzy Mew

2. Walky Series Mew (Large / Small)

3. Top Insight Mew (Large / Medium keychain / Small Keychain)

4. Mew Towel Holder

5. Pokemon Center "shifty eye" mew (Large / Small)

6. TOMY terry cloth Laying Mew

7. TOMY Mew

8. Mew to pokeball convertible

9. Nanoblock mew

10. Big mew UFO korin plush






Looking for gengar/ vulpix/ mew






21. Size M preferred


Unfortunately, i have been really slow on collecting so i'm missing most items.


1. Any Lugia Plush
except Lugia pokedoll, Jakks Lugia, Banpresto Lugia (above shadow lugia), Pokemon Center Lugia (2015)

Picture credit:

2. Lugia hoodie in 2XL




1. Authentic Tomy Figures




Shut Up & Kiss Me


Very very dead livejournal account.
Currently my blogger is dead too.
So, it's 50-50 I suppose. xD

But I guess I will update here.
Once in a while.
If I remember.

But hopefully I will. :3
So till then,
cheerios. <3
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Lost & found


How long has it been since I've last posted here?
I mean, I can barely remember making a livejournal, let alone posting in a livejournal.

I'm deleting all previous posts.
I have no idea if I'd ever post in livejournal again after this.
But who knows?
Maybe I will. (:
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When I pretend, forget about the criminal I am.


I havent posted here in like FOREVERRRR.
HAHAH. I finally changed my stupid userpic!!
Is it nicer right nao?! :D

Skylar is like... o_o? in the picture! HAHA.
She's currently buried under loads of soft toy sleeping.
Don't know why.
She just likes it I guess.

So everytime we will be like, "Where's Skylar?"
"Buried under the soft toy."
"That little alien (or sometimes, monster.)" LOL.

She still loves biting/growling/pouncing on us.
Dont really know why.
I still think that she thinks she's a cat.
Haha!! :D


Getting a new phone.
Dont know what to get.
I actually thought of either Sony Ericsson Aino or Sony Ericsson Satio.
But mama its expensive, she must as well buy iphone. LOL.

So I dont know what to get now.
Either I wait for the damn price to go down, or get some cheapskate hp. x:
Haha, I'll see how it goes.

I dont really know what I should post nao.
Like, once I've finished, I've no idea what to post on blogger.
HAHAH, oh well. /:

Adios Amigos. -mwuaks!-
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Burn, burn, burn baby, burn.

Nooooo, I did not forget about my livejournal.
Nope, never, nuh uh, iie, zettai iie.
I seriously, seriously did not! Trust me! :3
- puppy dog eyes. -


Here's the last part~
With no cuts or whatever shit. (:

I Hate That I Love You So. - Part FOURRRR.

It was not a pleasant idea but, it was the best way to get out of the school unnoticed. As a matter of fact, it was the only way to get out of school, noticed or unnoticed.
So, Alice did just that - Stealthily slipped onto the cemented parking lot. As she started making her way towards the other side, an angry, husky voice called out to her.

She muttered a soft curse and pretended to not hear the voice. Futile.

Damien came up from behind her and grabbed her hand, dragging her 60 centimeters to where his car was parked.
A groan escaped Alice's lips as pain shot through her wrist. She groaned louder when she realised her attempts to escape from 'The (handsome)Beast' was futile and a total waste of her efforts.

"You never listen do you?" He grunted as he jerked the door to the passenger's seat open.

Alice involuntarily shook her head. Bad move.
He towered over her, and waited for her to get in. When she did get in, he jogged over to the driver's seat and slid in gracefully. Jerking the gear into place, he moved out of the small compound and drove home in silence.

  Damien had no idea why he became so grim all of a sudden. His mood suddenly shifted as soon as he received a text message from his girlfriend that morning.
What was worst was that it contained 4 pathetic words, 18 disgusting letters. It all, however summed up to only one thing: 'I wanna break up'.

It was as embarassing as it had been pathetic. Somehow though, he was not as disturbed as he thought he would be. It was more of his ego than of his heart. His girlfriend had broke up with him first; which would definitely plummet his reputation into the dirt.
Then, another confusing thing happened, he thought of Alice. That made him more frustrated.

This. sucks.

Alice sucked her front teeth in discontentment. She folded her hands grumpily and slumped herself onto Damien's sofa. Apparently, he had brought them to his house and would not let Alice go home just yet.
Why was he torturing her like this?

  Damien handed her a can of coca-cola but she would not have any of it. Alice stuck out her chin stubbornly.
With a nonchalant shrug, he jumped onto the sofa next to her, sending her flying a few centimeters up.

"Why'd you bring me here?" Alice asked, disgruntled.
"I needed your company."
"Oh, that's rich," She huffed sarcastically.


"I broke up with my girlfriend."

Her heart skipped a beat at the sudden news. Why was he telling her? What can she do? Why was he doing this to her?

"Oh..." She managed.


"About that proposal yesterday. How 'bout eloping now?" He joked and smiled sheepishly.

That was the final straw. The mixture of feelings overwhelmed her but, only one was clearer than the rest: Anger.

"Will you stop it Damien?! Why do you keep saying things like that?!" She exclaimed and faced him, her breathing coming out short.
"Wha-" Damien looked at the ball of fury in confusion.

Alice stood up.

"I don't get you Damien! How do you get off saying and doing things like... like that to me?! I don't understand you! In fact, I don-don't even understand myself!" Her voice cracked as tears threatened to flow out.

"What's wrong with you Al?" Damien asked, incredulous.

"Thruthfully? You! I don't get it! Everytime you find a girlfriend or break up with a girlfriend, you tell me the news. Why?! What makes you think I even want to know? And then, you tease me and make a joke out of me! Why?!"


"Do you know how hurtful it gets sometimes? Do you?! Of course you don't! Cause you don't feel the same way I do!"

"And what are those feelings of yours?!" He retorted back, standing up.

Instinctively, Alice took a step back, but did not falter.

"Of course! You're too thick headed to know that I love you! I've always loved you since. Oh, god knows when!"


Alice saw the distinct change of Damien's expression - from shock to disbelief and then to something else that she could not comprehend. She hoped that it was not disgust. Still, she did not want to regret her outburst. She needed to clear this out with the idiot standing in front of her. The idiot whom she loves.

"And you know what's wierder?!" She started again, tears brimming, begging to escape. "I hate that I lo-"


Damien was not about to let her finish. The urge to kiss her was so overwhelming, he grabbed her narrow shoulders and planted his mouth firmly onto hers.
When he heard her confession - if that even qualifies as one - he felt so shocked at first, and then elation took over. She loved him!

Alice was frozen his arms but, a distinct quiver shook through her petite body when he licked her lower lip impulsively. Oh, how much he wanted this. He wanted her.
He had dreamt of kissing her full lips a few times but, he did have the guts to admit even to himself. Finally though, finally, his dream came true.

Another quiver and Alice parted her lips slightly, giving him the advantage to slid his tongue through her warm, moist mouth. It felt heavenly.

He separated his mouth from hers but, his hands were still tight around her shoulders.

"-ve you so..." She whispered.

A cute frown plastered on her forehead as she stared at his mouth.

What in the world had just happen? Alice pondered as she continued staring at Damien's full mouth.
She felt... blank.

"I don't know either, Al..." Damien whispered as if reading her thoughts. "When you confessed, I felt so happy, I wanted to kiss you..."

Alarmed, her eyes flickered to his eyes and saw confusion.

"What does that mean?" She tried, her voice husky.

"Maybe... I don't know… I love you too?"

Both of them stared at each other, both taken aback by his sudden relevation...

The next thing they knew, they were all over each other again.


UHHHH, i hope i edited away alllllll the former names?
Anyway, i think it was pretty obvious.
Oh welll. /:
shuddup if you realise it!!!!! )<

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Kiss Me Gently.


Eat too much already..
Mac breakfast + Cavana = $$$ fly. T^T

backout, backout, backout.
mia, mia, mia.


Kaykaykay. (:

I Hate That I Love You So - Part THREE.

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The two girls stared at her. Madeline’s convertible stood in front of Damien and Alice.


“No. No way woman! He’s not coming with us,” Madeline said.

“Yeah. He’s a jerk!” Sarah added.

“Hey! I’m here you know!” Damien pouted.

“So? Someone needs to put you in your place,” Madeline said.

“And you need to stop acting like an ass in front of Alice,” Sarah added.

“You girls are mean. I didn’t do anything to her,” Damien pouted.

“Sure!” Madeline said sarcastically.

“Can you hear the heavy sarcasm in her voice Damien? Because that’s exactly how ironic your sentence just sounded,” Sarah added.

“You girls ar-”

“Alright! Enough!” Alice interrupted. “It’s hot and I’m cranky because someone woke me up pretty early today and you guys are making my headache worse with your little quarrels!” she paused. “Damien, in the car! Madeline, drive! Sarah, just… stop!”


She huffed in frustration as she and Damien got into Madeline’s convertible.

These two girls were her best friend since they were in kindergarten. They knew about her crushes, including Damien. However, they also knew the how evil he could get. Many times, they tried to point out all the bad points about Damien, including the fact that he was a natural heartbreaker, but, love can be a very complicated thing.


“Fine! Well… Where’re we going?” Sarah turned towards Alice at the back seat.


It was her turn to decide this week, and frankly, she did not know where to go.


“Well, since Damien is here… Let’s try to not go shopping,” Alice stated.

“No! Since Damien is here, let’s go shopping. We need someone to bring our bags for us,” Madeline pointed out, her intent apparent in the way she stared daggers at a grinning Damien.

“Fine by me…” he shrugged nonchalantly.

“Good! Because most of the guys we invited could not even stand half a day without complaining about us!” she continued as she started up the car and drove out of the neighbourhood.


“She hates me doesn’t she?” Damien whispered into Alice’s ears.


She felt a shiver run through her spine.


“Nah… It’s just a girl thing…” She reassured him.

He gave her a sceptical look and tried again. “She hates me doesn’t she?”

“Yup,” Alice said without hesitation this time.


For the rest of the day, they shopped and shopped and shopped. Surprisingly, Damien did not complain and even took the liberty to treat them to lunch.


It was a no wonder Alice fell in love with him.

Alice grunted as she wove her way through the school's corridor. She hated Mondays. They were such a drag. She fumbled with her locker's code when a pair of hands suddenly appeared at either side of her head, disabling her from opening her locker door.
She instantly recognised the owner of those hands. With a resigned sigh, she turned - slowly and deliberately - to the culprit. With a fake smile, she looked up - way up - at him.

"What do you want now?" She asked, irritation edging in her voice.
"I'm picking you up today. After school."

She stared up into his eyes and saw, darkness and grim. After a moment's hesitation, he moved away from her and walked down the corridor, towards his class.
There was definitely something going on... She wished she could read minds.

With a resigned sigh, Alice jerked her locker open, took out the important books and headed towards her class.

Being a heavy thinker can be quite disturbing.


With a sideway glance, she prowls the front of the school's entrance. Leaves silently rustled under her sneakers as she stealthily made her way across the parking lot. In order to leave the school compound, one must pass through the parking lot.

Wait for #4~ (:

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Runaway, runaway, I'll attack.

I don't really have something to blog about, but still,
I just broke one of my top 10 things to do in bs. XD
I ate aston today~ didn't save at all~
Anyway, here's part TWOOO. (:

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Wait for part THREE. (:

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